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CD "INCANTATIONS" (Zagovory) 2006 gothic-rock, world


Chuyala ptitsa (The Bird Felt It) mp3

Kholodno (plach) (Cold (a lament) mp3

Seroglazka (The Grey-Eyed) mp3

1 A ne byt vetram \ Govorila, govorila (Let No Winds Blow \ She Said, She Said)
2 Chuyala ptitsa (The Bird Felt It)
3 Zmeyi (Snakes)
4 Knyaginya (Princess)
5 Na ozerakh lyod (Ice on the Lakes)
6 Wetreno (Windy)
7 Kholodno (plach) (Cold (a lament)
8 Goryem zaporoshena (Snowed by Grief)
9 Lipkiye paltsy (Sticky Fingers)
10 Trawa (Grass)
11 Uletaya (Flying Away)
12 Solntse yasno (The Sun Shines Clear)
13 Seroglazka (The Grey-Eyed)

CD "MARRIAGE" (Zhenitba) 2005 ethno, world


"A pridet pora" (the time will come)"U kolodezya voda" mp3

"Dushen'ka" (my soul)mp3

Skomoroshina (the clown's song) mp3

1 A pridet pora (the time will come)
2 Strela (the arrow)
3 B'yut klyuchi podzemnye (underground springs are bubbling)
4 Dubrovushka (a little grove)/Ya rasskazhu tebe o tom... (I will tell you about...)/Zarya (the dawn)
5 A ne byt' vetram - Govorili govorili (there shouldn't be any winds; they spoke, they spoke)
6 Vykhodil knyaz' molodoj (a young prince appeared)
7 A ne chto-to - vse ischezlo (not something, everything disappeared)/Ptica-ptashica
8 Polozhu ya tosku-gore (I shall leave the sorrow, the sadness)
9 Dushen'ka (my soul)
10 Solovej moya solov'ya (a nightingale, my nightingale)
11 Zhenit'ba (a marriage)
12 Skomoroshina (the clown's song)
13 Solovejka (a little nightingale)/Ehtnicheskaya (An ethnic song)/Na gryaznoj nedele (on a dirty week)/Grunya/U Egor'ya (at Egorij's)

CD "INSOMNIA" (2004) gothic-rock psychedelic

CD - limited edition "Over the bumps" (2002) concert recording psychedelic

CD "ALL BELOVED IS SIMPLE" (2003): acoustic


CD "SALAMANDRA" 2002: neo-folk, acoustic

1 Wearing mouse's coat
2 Over there three roads cross
3 The earth went a-turning
4 uckoo
5 I'll search around all the bears' dens
6 Do you remember the girls' dancing
7 Hey where are you going
8 The feeling of cold
9 Don't wake me
10 My Love My Sorrow
11 Lies
12 The time will come
13 As darkness fell, they went away
14 Not a something -- everything's gone
15 I'll walk a path
16 The Sand


concert recording 08/09/01 psychedelic

concert recording 31/07/01
  • Suddenly, every single thing in the world disappeared (mono - 2,21 M , stereo - 4,42 )

CD "THE BOOK OF THE CRUELTY OF WOMEN" (Kniga o zhestokosti zhenshin) 2001 dark-folk


1. The City of Heaven
2. When the warmth comes
3. Toy dreams
4. Walking on bones
5. Darkness
6. And the spear pierces the earth
7. Sticky fingers
8. john song (english original)
9....And time that was burned aloud...
10. What is behind the gates?
11. waltz (english original)

concert recording 19/05/01psychedelic

concert recording 12/05/01

concert recording 26/04/01

rehearsal (4.05.2001)

CD "COLD SEASONS" (2000): psychedelic, prog

concert recording (14.05.2000)

CD "THE RUSSIAN EPOS" (1999): rock

CD "MY LOVE MY SORROW" (1999): trip-hop

1 You shall dance

2 My Love My Sorrow

3 Like birds today we are

4 Sister of mine

5 Don't repeat
6 Once Upon a Time
7 Rose Geranium Reseda
8 Everything returns
9 Inside out turning


CD "LIVE 97" (1997): jazz rock

CD "SORROW SOUNDS" (1995): dark folk

CD "GRAFIKA" (1992): psychedelic




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